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What I did with an out-of-the box door panel

While I was antique shopping in France, I found a gorgeous door panel I instantly knew I had to have. But it was not just any ordinary door panel…

It was one that doubled as a stunning piece of art. I know when I hang it on the wall, it l will look just as eye-catching as I imagined.

How did I know it would work? You’ll have to watch this video. It’s a quick lesson filled with tips on thinking outside of the box.

I like to think out-of-the-box when creating my art walls.

Here’s my design formula when looking for art:

I mix herbiers, modern art canvases, classic pastoral scenes, impressionist style art, chinoiserie, and 3D objects like iron remnants, old doors, and antique panels and shutters.

How do I know where to start – here’s what you should do:

For starters, I take clues from the hues in my fabrics/paint colors that I already have or are on my shopping list.

I take the notes and samples with me BEFORE I leave the house. Seriously, I take my notes and samples with me everywhere. I also always have measuring tape handy in my purse or in my car. And to further make sure I don’t have a single doubt when shopping, I carry along a dimension guide or list of spaces in my house that NEED a few pieces…And I urge you to do the same! (I assure you, once you start doing it, you’ll never go back!)

To help you out, I attached the template I use as a dimension guide. 

Download the template here >>>>>Amitha’s Dimension Guide How-To

Block out 30 minutes of your time between today and Sunday to take a walk around your house and take pics with your smartphone of your empty pockets and fabrics. Doing this is the first step to getting ready for The Village Fair and having the confidence to get first dibs on gorgeous pieces and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that they will look beautiful in your home.

Here is a quick reminder of what to bring to the Village Fair:

  • The dimension guide (either printed or on your smartphone/iPad).
  • Your fabric samples/color chips.
  • Your furniture/artwork wish list.
  • You will need some cash so you can enjoy a few surprise treats (sounds odd but trust me you’ll love it)!
  • Bring your family & friends along to enjoy the day!

If you haven’t yet registered for The Village Fair on September 27th at 10 am, get your tickets here.


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