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See the painting that brought me to tears

Are you excited about uncovering the phenomenal items I brought back from France?

I have been getting a lot of emails from VIP ticket-holders of the Village Antique Fair Day who are eager to see the unveiling of the gorgeous pieces I brought back from my trip…and I don’t blame them!

I have especially had to sift through tons of inquiries from curious ticket-holders asking to see the painting that brought me to tears!

If you, too, want to get a sneak-peek of the painting that rocked me to my core, then watch my latest video below. Before the reveal of the painting, I share my Top 3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Piece so be sure to pay close attention. 

Here is a quick reminder of what to bring to the Village Fair:

  • The dimension guide (either printed or on your smartphone/iPad).
  • Your fabric samples/color chips.
  • You will need some cash so you can enjoy a few surprise treats (sounds odd but trust me you’ll love it)!
  • Your family & friends along to enjoy the day!

If you haven’t yet registered for The Village Fair on September 27th at 10 am, get your tickets here

We are on a waitlist – so if you can’t make it please cancel your ticket. If you still want to come, please go ahead and register and get on the waitlist!

The event is coming up in JUST 4 short days so if you don’t have your ticket yet, then what are you waiting for? Click here to register now.


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