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This weekend, two design workshops you don’t want to miss

Can you believe it’s just a few weeks before Holiday season is in full effect? This is the perfect time to dive into your home decorating projects and get a head start! I know it can be super overwhelming, often so much so we don’t start anything on our list!

So to help you get started we have two upcoming workshops to make life easier for you. Both of these workshops are free; the only catch is they are limited on size. So read through and be sure to register for both so we can keep each other accountable and on track to create that home we’re proud of just in time for holiday season.

Here’s the short scoop on the two upcoming workshops:

1. If you haven’t been to one of our free How to Chalk Paint Deminars, you’re missing out on a game-changing event. Read more about what you’ll learn in this workshop below.

2. And once you register for that workshop, be sure to register for our exclusive once-a-year Fall decorating workshop right below!

Free Deminar: How to Transform Your Home with Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint. Friday October 28 & 29 at 10:30am

Painting your furniture is the BEST way to give your home a fresh new look with minimal hassle, and it’s one of my go-to tricks whenever I need a change. Sounds scary, and I’m sure you’re thinking you would love to tackle a project BUT fear you may ruin your piece!

That’s why I’m going to walk you through the process step-by-step.

At this FREE workshop, you learn:

– The simple step-by-step system I use to paint furniture like a pro

– Techniques you can use when furniture painting to make sure you don’t mess up… and I’ll reveal a secret technique that 99% of amateur decorators will never know

– The biggest mistakes to avoid when painting your furniture

– How to recreate the gorgeous colors you admire

– My personal toolbox of tips, tricks, and techniques to get professional-looking results in my own home, without fail, every single time!

– And a handful of special surprises that I ONLY share in my workshop classes

We would love to see you. So if you haven’t signed up yet, click here or on the button below to learn how you can create professional looking furniture that people won’t believe you didn’t buy.

Click here to select a class date on either Friday October 28 or Saturday October 29 at 10:30am

Free Deminar: How to Decorate your Home for Fall & Beyond Friday November 4 at 11:30am

Mark your calendar for Friday, November 4th and plan to be at Village Antiques at 11:30am for our Fall Décor Workshop. As a way to show our appreciation for you, we want to offer you two FREE tickets for you and a friend.

Not only will we have a fun French wine tasting, but I’m going to share with you:

– How to style your mantle to create a cozy, autumn look

– The Fall trends I’m loving (and avoiding) this year

– How to effortlessly create an awe-inspiring Thanksgiving table your guests will LOVE

– And so much more!

I knew I had to hold this event for you as I was planning the fall décor items I wanted to include around my door, mantle & table. Because if you’re like many of our Village Antiques customers, you want to know how you can incorporate fall decor styles in your home that will last from now through to the New Year…

…and that’s exactly what you’ll learn on Friday, November 4th!

There’s just one catch:

We can only accommodate a limited number of attendees at this exclusive event. So be sure to register here for you and a friend before we hit capacity.

See you there!

In friendship,


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