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What your furniture says about you – part 2!

I recently blogged about the concept of what your Burberry Shawls  furniture says about you. Many of our pieces at Village Antiques come with a fascinating history which is what I love, love, love about antiques and one-of-a-kind home decor!

I can’t wait to share the highlights from my recent trip to France, but before I do, I wanted to share an in-depth guide behind the history of yours and my favorite style of furniture. How do I know it’s your favorite? Trust me I do! Often when you’re ittonline shopping so many of you are drawn to this style and today I wanted to share why

Click below to watch this week’s

episode to reveal what your furniture says about you!


p.s. I just visited the Houghton Hall exhibit at The Houston Museum of Fine Arts this past weekend – for those of you that love antiques and historical homes, this is a must-see exhibit to add to your list!   p.p.s. Don’t skip this one because you’ll love the rich meaning behind why you love the iconic style.

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