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You may get a kick out of this

Watching this video I’m about to share with you makes me feel so nostalgic about my trip to France earlier this summer. I miss the charming street side cafes, cobblestone alleys, and of course, the gorgeous furniture!

If you’ve never been to France (or you simply miss being there!) and you want to know how I choose the ‘perfect’ pieces, then this video is absolutely a MUST watch.

Aside from uncovering the secrets of France, you’ll also see:

  • A spectacular piece I fell in love with, but had to leave behind (you’ll learn WHY I couldn’t buy it in the video).
  • The PERFECT piece that met all of my needs.
  • What exactly I mean when I say I’m drawn to something ordinary with a twist!
  • A sneak peek of the gorgeous items that will be unveiled at the village fair.

Click below to watch the video now!

Speaking of the gorgeous items that will be unveiled at The Village Fair, have you registered yet? You know we’re a small team and as much as I’d love to have thousands of people show up, in order to provide you the best service the first day is invitation only. Click here to get your invite only pass!


P.S I have many more goodies in store in the next part of my video. Stay tuned!

P.P.S. If you ever dreamed of getting a designer’s advice don’t miss your chance at our Speed Date a Designer Event! Click here to register.

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