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Chalk Finish Paint® Makeover | Before and After On An Antique Desk | Amitha Verma | Amitha Verma

We had an ugly furniture problem. I have a love for antique secretaries and can never resist one when I’m antiquing. Even this one, which looked like it was beyond restoration and repair.  After a little makeover using Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint, this dirty, dingy, dark brown chunk of wood ended up looking like […]

French Country Style | What is French Country and How I Styled it in My Dining Room | Amitha Verma

French country home design is elegance meeting rustic, natural materials inspired by the French countryside living. It’s a design style that’s timeless yet continues to evolve with modern beauty and comfort. I’ve never found an approach that I love and resonate with more than the French country style, and it’s what I have throughout my […]

French Country Furniture | How I Mastered Mixing Patterns Like A Maximalist | Amitha Verma

Recently one of my dearest friends, Shelena, asked how I mix patterns in my home tastefully. As a maximalist with a love for French country style, mixing prints, colors, and fabrics feels self-explanatory, but Shelena’s question made me realize that maybe it’s not obvious. This blog post is for my pattern lovers who don’t know […]

Chalk Finish Paint Ideas | 5 Best Chalk Paint Makeovers I Have Ever Done | Amitha Verma

I challenge you to think of one product that’s more transformative to a space than paint. I’ll wait… There is nothing quite as simple yet powerful as an application of paint to cover imperfections, breathe new life into furniture, and transform the feel of a space. I’m hyping up my love for this product—but I […]

Open Concept Floor Plans | Which of These Kitchen Layouts Would You Choose? | Amitha Verma

Are open concept floor plans falling out of fashion due to us needing separate spaces for work and living? Open concept designs aren’t going anywhere. Open concept floor plans give your home that much needed connection between you and your loved ones. These layouts give you visibility and flexibility to change up your design to […]

Tick-tock…we’re about to reveal a special surprise! | Amitha Verma

What you’re about to see is by no means a fix-all. If you lost everything during Harvey, we can’t begin to imagine the pain you’re going through. Well, maybe I can. Because my own home has been destroyed four separate times over the last decade by Mother Nature. What really shook me this time though, is seeing […]

It’s almost time! | Amitha Verma

Hi there! We’re looking forward to seeing you THIS Saturday, September 8 starting at 11 (or 12 pm depending on your ticket time). To help you get the most out of your time with us, I wanted to answer a very frequently asked question that we’ve been getting the past few months. “If I’m redesigning my house […]

Holiday Unveiling at Village Antiques | Amitha Verma

Get the holiday music queued up – it’s that time again!Our annual Holiday Unveiling soiree is happening on Friday, November 30th at 11:30AM. This is our #1 VIP event where we reveal all of our most gorgeous holiday arrivals and how-to put together the hottest design trends. When you come in and celebrate the holidays Village Antiques […]

How to design a guestroom your holiday visitors will adore | Amitha Verma

The holidays are coming! And for many of us, Santa isn’t the only visitor that’s going to make an appearance. Aunts, uncles, mothers, father, in-laws… No matter who you’re hosting this holiday season, you’re going to want to impress them when they arrive. An often overlooked, but incredibly important way to do that, is with […]

Custom Holiday Runner Workshop | Amitha Verma

There was one thing everyone could not stop admiring at our table-top decor workshop last week. It actually got a standing ovation by some! For those of you that weren’t there, the audience was speechless when they saw what I had done to my table-runner. I decided to do something you’ve probably never seen. I […]

Secret Tool Revealed

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